Universal Travel Case for the Global II & Zephyr

Maintain the clarity and comfort of your hearing instruments no matter where you travel. This travel case will protect your Dry & Store appliance 
from scuffs and scrapes, and there's room inside for your power supply too.

(Color is Black.)
Price: $14.95
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UV-C Germicidal Lamp

Replacement lamp for the Global model only.

Note: Your UV lamp should last several years before needing replacement. Before ordering a replacement lamp, please visit our Troubleshooting Guide for tips to help you determine whether or not your lamp needs to be replaced (or if perhaps another issue is at the root of the problem.)

If you decide that you do in fact need a lamp, please note that this is not an ordinary fluorescent lamp. It's a specialty UV-C lamp (for germicidal benefit), and it's not typically available locally, even at specialty lighting stores. Read more about the UV-C lamp.


Price: $4.95



Can-Type Desiccant

For locations where the Dry-Brik is not available, or for those who prefer a rechargeable desiccant. For use with the Global model or Zephyr only. Download recharging instructions.
Price: $6.25
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Additional AC Adapter

Order here if you want an extra power supply.(Please note: your Dry & Store should only be operated with a power supply specifically manufactured for use with Dry & Store.)

Price: $10.95

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