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The Professional model is no longer available on-line, but many providers still have inventory on hand available for purchase.
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Since our debut of the Professional Dry & Store unit in 1998, we have introduced new models such as the Global II and Zephyr. These newer models have gained in popularity and are currently the market preference due to their smaller size as well as lower cost. Given this shift in consumer preference in combination with increased manufacturing costs, Ear Technology has decided to discontinue the Professional model.

While we no longer manufacture the Professional, be assured that we will continue to provide service for this product until our replacement parts inventory is exhausted. Given the Professional's track record of dependability, we expect that to be many, many years.

Important Announcement for Professional Users
Manufacture of Dry-Briks with the copper strip has been discontinued. This copper strip only affects the performance of Professional units with serial numbers prior to DSG119426. Users of Global, Global II or Zephyr will not be affected by this change.

When using your new brik, if the red "check drawer light" on your Professional unit does not go off, call our office at 1-800-327-8547. (Please have your serial number when you call so that we can help you promptly.)

We will send you a metallic strip and instructions for use. If your unit serial number is prior to DSG119426, the strip should fix the light issue. If installing the metallic strip does not fix the red light issue, please call us to arrange for service of your unit, at no cost to you.

We apologize for any inconvenience due to this change. Thank you for using Dry & Store.

Product Information

The "Professional" model is the original member of the Dry & Store family. Dry & Store is an electrical appliance for nightly use at home to store and care for all types of hearing instruments, including hearing aids, cochlear implant hardware, noise/tinnitus maskers, and in-ear monitors. It combines the three essential elements needed for effective drying: heat, moving air, and a desiccant that drives the relative humidity really low, then captures the moisture that is released. During the first eight minutes of the Dry & Store Professional cycle, a germicidal lamp sanitizes the hearing instruments, after which conditioning continues for 8 hours. The unit then automatically shuts off, continuing to store the instruments safely until they are needed.


Physical Characteristics

  • Weight: lb., 8 oz. (1.1 kg)

  • Unit size: 9” wide x 7” deep x 6” high (22.9 cm x 17.8 cm x 15.2 cm)

  • Drying Compartment: Divided drawer provides two storage areas, each 2” w x 3.25” d x 1” h (5.1 cm x 8.3 cm x 2.5 cm). Can accommodate four BTEs with ear molds, or several smaller hearing aids. The Professional model can also be used with cochlear implant microphones, headpieces, and behind-the-ear (not body-worn) speech processors. (The Global model will accommodate most body-worn hearing aids and body-worn speech processors.)



Electrical Characteristics

After pressing the ON button, Dry & Store Professional will run for 8 hours before automatically turning off. The conditioning cycle can be stopped at any time by opening the drawer. The unit resets on each drawer opening, so short-term conditioning is possible.

  • Input Power: 18 watts, 120 volts AC, 50 Hz at 0.15 amps.

  • Output: 24 VDC at 15W maximum.

The Professional is designed for use in North America only. For other locations, or for a model that works with an inverter, see Dry & Store Global II or Zephyr by Dry & Store.




Dry & Store Professional ships with the custom Dry-Brik® II desiccant. The Dry-Brik contains an aggressive sorbent (mol sieve) packaged in an attractive, molded, disposable container. Each Dry-Brik has a shelf-life of at least one year, unopened. Once the foil label is removed, the Dry-Brik II lasts two (2) months. Replacement desiccants are inexpensive and are available from Dry & Store distributors. The desiccant also absorbs odors as it dries.


Germicidal Properties

The Dry & Store germicidal lamp is a short wave low pressure mercury vapor tube that produces ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths that are lethal to micro-organisms. During its eight minute cycle, the lamp will generate enough germicidal energy to yield a 99% kill on common bacteria found in the external ear canal.

  • 4 watts UV-C @ 254nm in the Professional model

  • For comparison purposes, a 90% kill on pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria requires only 55 j/m2.

Elimination of this flora from hearing aids can significantly reduce itching and the reintroduction of infection-causing bacteria into the ear canal. To the user, this means less itching and irritation, and fewer recurring infections of the external ear canal.
Note: The UV-C lamp is a surface sanitizer only, and it has little to no penetrating power. This means that it is not damaging to plastics or earmolds. (Germicidal lamps are not to be confused with sunlamps or blacklight lamps, for while those are also ultraviolet lamps, the UV produced by a sunlamp or blacklight is of longer wavelength and is not useful for germicidal applications.)



Battery Removal 

Batteries do not have to be removed from hearing aids before using Zephyr by Dry & Store. Independent tests by Eveready Battery Co. on their Energizer/Amplifier® batteries showed a 10-20% gain in battery life under high (85% RH) humidity conditions, and no decrease in life at normal (50% RH) conditions. This was confirmed by a user survey which showed that over 50% of users experienced longer battery life.  

Every component was chosen with reliability in mind. The circuit board is manufactured in the U.S.A. by an international electronics manufacturer, one of the highest reliability names in the business. A UV lamp test was terminated after the equivalent of 30 years without a single failure. We offer a generous two year warranty, but we designed for, and expect, long term reliability. The device is ETL & CSA certifi ed and is assembled in the United States by a company whose quality management system is ISO-9001 certified.



Two years in the USA and Canada. Proof of purchase required. Warranty claims should originate with the dispensing professional.



Each Dry & Store Professional unit is shipped with:  

One individually wrapped desiccant, a user instruction booklet, and a warranty registration card.