About the Dry & Store Germicidal Cycle

*Don’t be fooled, not all UV lamps are UV-C.*

(Professional and Global / Global II, DryMax UV only)

Dry & Store UV Lamp

A-B-C’s of UV Light

Dry & Store - UV spectrumGermicidal ultraviolet light is an effective, efficient, and sophisticated means of eliminating bacteria and germs on hearing instruments. It’s a proven scientific technique commonly used in hospitals to disinfect surfaces and water treatment facilities to kill bacteria.

Germicidal lamps are not to be confused with sunlamps or blacklights, for while those are “ultraviolet” lamps, the UV produced by those types have longer wavelengths and are not useful for germicidal applications.

Sunlight generally includes both the longwave UV and the middlewave UV regions. The lamp in the Dry & Store Global II produces UV-C, which is the shortest wavelength.

UV-C is also the most lethal to micro-organisms. By disrupting the organism’s DNA, UV-C effectively ends the reproductive cycle.

Maximum germicidal effect is at the 254nm spectral line (see chart), which is the energy generated by the UV-C lamp in Dry & Store Global II and Professional models.

Dry & Store Kills 99.9% of Germs

Dry & Store kills germsThe dose of germicidal energy depends on a number of factors; the power of the bulb, the distance from the lamp to the target, the time that the lamp is on, and the temperature of the air through which the germicidal light passes.

The UV-C lamp in Dry & Store generates enough germicidal energy to kill 99.9% of the bacteria that are a common cause of itching ears. An FDA-certified laboratory affirmed this on the suite of organisms the FDA requires to be tested.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the UV-C lamp hasten hardening of BTE tubes or other damage to components?

No, At 4 watts, the Dry & Store lamp is a great surface sanitizer, but it has no penetrating power and it does not generate damaging ozone.

Does the UV-C lamp heat the appliance?

No. The 4-watt UV-C lamp generates very little heat during its 90 second cycle. The air inside Dry & Store is warmed for the full 8 hour cycle by a different mechanism on the circuit board.

How does Dry & Store improve comfort and reduce itchy ears?

Hearing aids spend most of their time in the dark, moist environment of the ear canal, so it’s a perfect habitat for bacteria and fungus to grow. Elimination of this flora from hearing aids can significantly reduce itching and the re-introduction of infection-causing bacteria into the ear canal. To the user, this means less itching and irritation, and fewer recurring infections of the external ear canal.

I suffer from frequent infections of the external ear canal. Any advice?

Yes. Occasionally, re-orient your hearing instruments when placing them in the drying chamber, so that all exterior parts of the ear mold or hearing instrument are exposed to the germ-killing UV-C light.

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