DryCaddy Disc 6pk Refill

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Need more desiccants for your DryCaddy Hearing Products Drying System? It’s no longer necessary to purchase a complete DryCaddy Kit again. Introducing DryCaddy Disc 6pk Refill, an entire year of protection in a refill package.

NOTE: This item contains desiccants only; there’s no jar for holding the desiccant and your hearing instruments. The refill pack is intended for use with your existing DryCaddy jar.

  • Refill kit contains 6 DryCaddy Discs® – a year’s supply – to be used with jar in the DryCaddy Kit.
  • Easy to use.
  • Powerful proprietary molecular sieve desiccant captures moisture and odor.
  • Great for travel.
  • No recharging or reactivating, no batteries, no electricity
  • Safe – does not contain any hazardous chemicals

Click here for more information about the science behind DryCaddy.

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