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Dry & Store DryMax - Made in the USAOnce you’ve taken that all important step of getting help with your hearing, the next most important thing to do is to protect the investment you have just made. The DryMax® is the perfect choice to do just that, combining all three of the essential elements needed for effective drying and storage of your hearing devices: heat, moving air, and a desiccant that drives the relative humidity really low, and captures the moisture that is released. (You can learn more on the benefits of that combination here (provide a link to the animated explainer)). DryMax is an energy-efficient electronic appliance designed for use every night to care for and store all varieties of hearing instruments – hearing aids, cochlear implant hardware, noise or tinnitus maskers, in-ear monitors, and even your wireless earphones. Large enough to accommodate a pair of your devices, DryMax is also small enough to take with you when you travel so you can continue the benefits of drying and protecting your hearing devices wherever you happen to be. The latest innovation in our industry-leading Dry & Store product category, DryMax is the perfect choice for taking care of your hearing instruments.

Your purchase of a DryMax will include a six-month supply of Dry-Brik Mini.

Physical Characteristics

  • Weight: 1 lb., 3 oz. (.5 kg)
  • Non-UV-C – drying instrument only -  6.5oz.  186 grams
  • UV-C – drying instrument only – 7.0 oz.  200grams
  • Package with accessories (US p/s) Non-UV-C – 13 oz  -  370 grams
    • UV-C – 13.5 oz - 384 grams
  • Drying instrument size: 6.0” wide x 3” deep x 2.25” high (15.2 cm, 12.4 cm, 5.7 cm)
  • Drying Compartment: (Single tray) 3.9” x 2.9” x 1” (9.9 cm x 7.4 cm x 2.5 cm)
  • Display carton size: 6.25” wide, 6.5” high, 3” deep

Hinged lid with a drying compartment that will accommodate all types of hearing aids, including many body worn aids. DryMax® by Dry & Store® can also be used with cochlear implant microphones, headpieces, and speech processors (both ear-level and body-worn).


Electrical Characteristics

After pressing POWER, DryMax will run for 8 hours before automatically turning off.

  • DryMax Power requirements: 5 volts Vdc, 0.65 amps, micro USB connector – 3.65 watts

The dry max is available with US domestic or International power supplies. However, the DryMax can be operated on a standard Micro USB cable plugged into any USB power outlet



In most locations around the world, the DryMax ships with a six-pack of Dry-Brik® Mini desiccants which is a 6 month supply. The Dry-Brik Mini contains an aggressive sorbent (13x mol sieve) packaged in an attractive, molded, disposable container. Each Mini has a shelf-life of at least two years, unopened. Once the foil label is removed, the Mini lasts one (1) month. Replacement desiccants are inexpensive and are available from Dry & Store distributors and directly from Ear Technology Corporation. The desiccant also absorbs odors as it performs the drying process


Germicidal Properties (DryMax-UV model only)

The germicidal lamp inside the DryMax-U-VC model is a short wave low pressure mercury vapor tube that produces ultraviolet (UV-C) wavelengths that are lethal to micro-organisms. During its one-and-a-half minute cycle, the lamp will generate enough germicidal energy to yield a Log 4 kill rate, equal to 99.99% kill on common bacteria found in the external ear canal.

  • 1.4 watts lamp, UV-C (@ 254nm, which is the peak germicidal wavelength) in the DryMax-UV model produces over 320 joules/m2 of UV-C energy.
  • For comparison purposes, a 90% kill on staphyllococcus aureus bacteria requires only 26 j/m2.

Elimination of this flora from hearing aids can significantly reduce itching and the reintroduction of infection-causing bacteria into the ear canal. To the user, this means less itching and irritation, and fewer recurring infections of the external ear canal. Note: The UV-C lamp is a surface sanitizer only, and it has little to no penetrating power. This means that it is not damaging to plastics or earmolds. (Germicidal lamps are not to be confused with sunlamps or blacklight lamps, for while those are also ultraviolet lamps, the UV produced by a sunlamp or blacklight is of longer wavelength and is not useful for germicidal applications.)

Download UV-C lamp specs

Battery Removal

Batteries do not have to be removed from hearing aids before Dry & Store use. We do recommend opening the battery door to allow for better drying in the battery compartment area.


Instruction Manual

PDF downloads of 6 instructions (English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish)


Safety & Regulatory

Certified to UL & CE marked.         

Conforms to IEC 60950-1 Ed. 2.0, CISPR 14-1, Ed. 5.1:2009, CISPR 14-2, Ed. 1.2:2008.



Three years in USA and Canada. Proof of purchase required. Outside of North America, refer to warranty terms provided by distributor.


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