Power Supply Replacement Program

Dry & Store Global IIn 2005 Ear Technology Corporation replaced switching universal power supplies (MODEL: MWS2488UC) that have folding plugs and were included with many Dry & Store Global units beginning November 2002.

This applies to early versions of the Global I model only.

Most Global units shipped after June 2004 included a different power supply. Depending on where and when you purchased your Dry & Store Global, you may have received the original power supply or the newer style. See the photos below to determine which style you have, and whether or not it is necessary to replace the power supply.

If you are using a power supply that matches the photos below, discard it immediately and contact the place of business where you purchased your Dry & Store Global. They will provide you with a replacement power supply at no cost. (Please see the FAQ notes below for details.)

Dry & Store Global I power supply replacement

This replacement program does NOT apply to you if your Dry & Store Global has a fixed (non-folding) plug. You may continue to use that power supply.

Dry & Store oudated Global I power supply


Q: What do you mean by the "power supply"?
A: It's the cord you plug into the wall. Sometimes it's called an "AC Adapter". It disconnects from the Global model in the back.

Q: How is the replacement power supply different from the original power supply?
A: The plugs do not fold down on the new one. Also, the part that plugs into the wall outlet is thinner than the original power supply, and it says "Made in Thailand.” The new power supply has been included with Dry & Store Global since the spring of 2004, and it has proven to be very reliable. Users who travel outside North America will be pleased to know that their replacement power supply will work anywhere in the world with the proper plug adapter.

Q: Do I replace the Dry & Store and the power supply, or just the power supply?
A: The power supply is the only component that requires replacement, and only if it has a folding plug.

Q: Why are you replacing these power supplies?
A: We have received a number of reports of the power supply malfunctioning. In some cases it provided voltage in excess of the design limits of the circuitry, causing overheating. The rate of incidence is less than 8 per 10,000 but we are replacing all power supplies of this style in order to ensure the utmost safety and quality to users.

Q: Where do I get a replacement?
A: If you received your Global from Cochlear Corporation (either as part of a kit of accessories at no charge) you should have already received your replacement.

If you purchased your Dry & Store Global through Cochlear Corporation's website, please contact Ear Technology to obtain your replacement, by sending an email to support@dryandstore.com, or by phoning 1-888-327-1299.

If you purchased your Global directly from Ear Technology or on-line from Harris Communications, Hearing Exchange, Hearing Planet or Arizona On-line, you should have already received your replacement.

If you have purchased your Global unit from a hearing healthcare professional you should contact that place of business to obtain your replacement power supply. There’s a replacement power supply waiting at that place of business for each person who has the older style.

If you received your Dry & Store as a door prize or silent auction item, etc., then please contact Ear Technology by sending an email to support@dryandstore.com.

Q: What should I do in the meantime?
A: You can use your Global as a passive drying chamber even if it’s not plugged in. Just leave the Dry-Brik in it, set your equipment in the tray, and close the lid. While drying this way is a much slower process than what Dry & Store normally provides, it is still “better than nothing” and will hopefully tide you over until you have obtained the replacement power supply. The Dry-Brik is an excellent desiccant even by itself, and it will still deodorize the aids. You will not get the benefit of the sanitizing cycle for this interim period. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q: What should I do with the old power supply?
A: Discard it.

If you have additional questions, please send an email to support@dryandstore.com

We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for using Dry & Store.