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A-B-C's of UV Light
Learn about UV lights in dryers (and don’t be fooled)...

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Read through testimonials from real people using Dry & Store. This page also links to results from surveys of consumers and dispensing professionals.

Which model is right for me? Compare Global II and Zephyr models.

Power Supply Replacement
Ear Technology Corporation has replaced power supplies that shipped with Dry & Store Global in North America and parts of Latin America between November 2002 and May/June of 2004. Click here to see if you have the 
older style power supply and if so, how to obtain a replacement.

Material Safety Data Sheet – Dry-Brik II, Dry-Brik Mini, and DryCaddy Disc
Download the material safety data sheet for molecular sieve desiccant used in Dry-Brik II, Dry-Brik Mini, and DryCaddy Disc.