DryBoost UV®

Drying, Recharging, and Sanitizing for Rechargeables!

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Why Drying Is Important

While traditional prescription hearing aids as well as Over The Counter (OTC) hearing aids have made tremendous improvements in performance and durability over devices from the past, the reality is that moisture is still the number one cause of failure for hearing aids. This is why the use of a hearing aid dryer is so important in maintaining your hearing technology product. 

Why a Desiccant Is Important.

The Dry-Brik included with the Dry & Store® family of products has three important functions:

  • To remove the moisture molecules released from the devices during the warm drying cycle;
  • To drive the relative humidity inside the box to a much lower level than is possible with just a heater, thus maximizing the drying capability;
  • To capture odors.

History of Innovation

These products are the direct result of company president Dr. Daniel R. Schumaier’s experience as a dispensing audiologist. Dry & Store came about as a remedy for hearing aid performance problems caused by moisture as well as the common complaint of itchy ears…