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You don’t have to take our word about the great things that Dry & Store does. Instead, listen to what your peers have to say!

(The following comments were received from actual Dry & Store users, and they represent only a small portion of the testimonials we receive each week. There is also a link at the bottom of this page to two sets of survey results — one of hearing aid wearers using Dry & Store, and another survey of hearing health care professionals dispensing Dry & Store.)

From N.B. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada: “It is quite amazing what a noticeable difference there was with my son’s hearing aids after a long hiatus without the machine. Even though we were using other dry aid kits, after the first night back in the Dry and Store, the next morning my 8 year old son turned on his aids and went “whoa, everything is much louder and clearer! What happened?” Given that he is an active kid, the moisture and humidity in his tubes and in the aids everyday are significant. It’s obvious that the Dry and Store was able to clean them up and have them functioning at optimum levels. When hearing aids (and batteries) malfunction or are not working at full capacity due to moisture/humidity problems, it’s an unnecessary burden and struggle for those with a hearing loss. I’ve recommended the Dry and Store to many parents who have kids with hearing aids and cochlear implants. I’ve recommended the Dry and Store to many parents who have kids with hearing aids and cochlear implants.”

From S.S., in Karachi, Pakistan: “My son, who is now 18 has been using the Dry & Store for more than 10 years and it has definitely made a difference in his hearing care. Now it is him who never forgets to put his hearing aids in the Dry & Store and keeps record of the stock of Briks because of the difference it makes. Karachi is a coastal region and the climate is usually humid and I think Dry & Store is a must for every user of hearing or cochlear implant (equipment).”

From S.R. via email: “Ever since we purchased it at the AG Bell convention and used it nightly, Christopher has not complained about the intermittent moisture problems he had been having with his BTEs.”

From P.S., Teaneck NJ: “My son got his first hearing aids last year when he was just 6yrs old,within the first 3 months he had 3 painful ear infections so we asked at hackensack medical center about a solution,they told us about your dry and store product. Since we started using this product he has not had one infection,it was hard enough having to get used to our child wearing hearing aids, at least with this i know it is not as painful for him. Thank you……”

From T.D., Cleveland OH: “I purchased the Dry & Store system after both my aids went back to the factory for repairs related to moisture build-up. I noticed an immediate improvement in the condition of my aids after using the device. . . I feel the Dry & Store was well worth the investment and recommend it to anyone who uses hearing aids, especially if you depend on them for work.”

From J.M., Seattle WA: “What a difference a night in that unit made! I had asked my audiologist previously about it and she said it typically ‘wasn’t necessary’ here since we don’t get much in the way of humidity like the midwest and the south. I wish now that I would have bought this when I purchased my aid!”

From M.W., Houston TX: “I wear a cochlear implant, and I live in humid Houston. I was having to have a new microphone, which is very costly, about 3 to 4 times a year. I have not had to buy a new microphone since I bought my Dry & Store about eighteen months ago.”

From S.C. via email: “Dry & Store has totally solved my itchy ears, a plague I have suffered from for year. You can tell the world I think your product is great!”

From C.S., Bethesda MD: “I bought a Dry & Store and it’s WONDERFUL. My hearing aids are functioning like they were the first day I got them. Thanks!”

From H. P., Nutley NJ: “Over a span of about five years and three different makes of hearing aids, I had one or the other pair in the shop about every two months. After starting use of the Dry & Store I have not had a failure in over a year.”

Carolyn & J.B., Green Forest, AR: “My son wears bilateral behind the ear hearing aids. He is 13…very active in sports We had used other dry aids, but they did not work We were having all sorts of problems with the hearing aids & excessive moisture which would require the aids going in for repeated repair work. Since we began using the Dry & Store this has no longer been a problem. We would highly recommend it.”

William F. Rintelmann, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus and Retired Chairman, Dept. of Audiology, Wayne State University School of Medicine, now living in Cave Creek, AZ: ” I have been using your Dry & Store unit for my CIC hearing aids for the past several months. I am pleased to be able to report that ever since I began using the Dry & Store unit I have experienced a marked improvement in the trouble-free performance of my hearing aids. When I am not wearing my hearing aids, they are always in my Dry & Store box.”

Hugh H., Bristol, TN: “Before purchasing a Dry & Store…was using a small unit which I thought would [work]. How mistaken I was! Now, every morning I enjoy the same effect that fresh batteries bring.”

Alan P., Chicago, IL: “Love it Love it Love it!”

Philip H., South Shores, KY: “Just a note to say the Dry & Store works GREAT! As a hearing aid user for some 25 years plus…ongoing problems with moisture which doesn’t mix with electronics of any hearing aid…Turned Dry & Store on. After only ten minutes both aids already sounded better and one of the switches which was causing problems was fixed!! I couldn’t wait to try this product on a full night term. Next morning to my surprise both hearing aids sounded like they had just been reconditioned…just like new…Thank you for producing a product that will not only save me money but actually exceeds expectations.”

Ron Van Eaton, House of Hearing, Mesa, AZ: “Not only am I a hearing aid dispenser, I am a hearing aid user. I have been wearing hearing aids for eight years and until now have never found any device that would keep my hearing aids dry. Dry & Store takes care of that every night for me. We also use a Dry & Store in our practice to dry out clients’ aids before deciding to have them sent in for repairs… I whole-heartedly endorse Dry & Store for all users of hearing aids.”

Angela K, Pikeville, KY: “Dry & Store was the best investment I made, even though it was a gift at Christmas. The past two months I have used it about every night. Since I am an athletic person it helps dries (sic) out the moisture from my hearing aids due to my sweating. The Dry & Store also helps my hearing aids have better sound quality. In other words, the sounds coming in are more clearer and the hearing aids seem much more powerful.”

Steven W., Thomasville, GA: “My hearing aids have always had unexplained volume fluctuations and occasionally temporarily fail. Since using Dry & Store I have never had another poor volume day or temporary failure…Dry & Store is like getting new hearing aids.”

Jim E., from an internet listserv serving hard-of-hearing adults: “I heard about the Dry & Store on this list about six months ago and bought one. In the past I’ve used cans of desiccants, warm lights, etc…I bought it because of chronic bacteria infections that doctors and medicine could not keep at bay. After a triple dose of antibiotics and regular use of the Dry & Store, I have no more (staph) infection…To me, Dry & Store is in the category of ‘buy the best you can afford, and you’ll never regret it.’”

Alan E., Virginia, via e-mail: “I have a DS and I use it daily (or should I say nightly). I have a lot of problems with moisture. I have two BTEs that I wear with covers (to keep out the moisture). I train horses and perspire a great deal. The DS seems to work quite well for me. Thks, Alan. P.S. I wore them once into the shower and then immediately took them off and put them into the DS. They worked fine afterwards.”

Joan M., via e-mail: “We purchased a Dry & Store in August and I am happy to say that my daughter uses it every night! I have even noticed that her ear molds have very little earwax in them, and I have attributed this to the use of the unit. We are indeed very happy with our Dry & Store.”

Kathy B., GA: “Dry & Store has greatly improved the quality of my son’s life in the summertime. He was constantly having to get his hearing aids cleaned or repaired because of sweat damage. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Dale B., IL: “I wish I would have known about Dry & Store sooner.”

MEB1233833 (via the internet): “I’ve been using Store and Dry (sic) for well over a year now and I swear by it. It’s the best thing for hearing aid maintenance that I’ve ever experienced or heard of. Worth every penny.”

Shyla W., OR: “I have been very pleased with my Dry & Store. Every morning when I remove my hearing aids and put them in, they feel like brand new hearing aids.”

Margaret S., ME: “I find it is much easier to clear the aids of wax…”

Mary Jane C., SC: “Until I got the survey today, I had not realized I have had no problems with “itching ear” since I started using it [Dry & Store]. Thanks! It was worth the cost to relieve the itch!”

Wanda M., Spartanburg, SC: “…my sons…purchased one [Dry & Store] to give me at Christmastime. I have used it faithfully since that time. The difference in the look, feel, and performance is truly amazing. I also have noticed a marked increase in the life of my batteries. Each morning I am able to put on my aids fresh, clean and free of that old monster – moisture…Thank you…wearing hearing aids will never be fun, but your firm has certainly helped to make it more endurable and most of all, more efficient.”

Joe K., TX: “I perspire a lot. This is a life saver.”

C.B.S., GA: “…my hearing aids had to be sent to be reconditioned every year and sometimes, twice a year. Since using Dry & Store now for a year and a half this has been eliminated.”

Robert S., OH: “…an excellent investment.”

HSK, Nigeria: “I have had a global unit for 8 months now, and my daughter’s hearing aids have not been sent in for repairs since then. That’s really commendable considering our humid environment in Nigeria.”

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