DryCaddy Disc 6pk Refill for DryCaddy UV


This product is used with DryCaddy UV.

Need more desiccants for your DryCaddy UV? Introducing DryCaddy Disc 6pk Refill for DryCaddy UV, six months of drying in a refill package.

This item contains desiccants only; there’s no DryCaddy UV device for holding the desiccant and your hearing instruments. The refill pack is intended for use with your existing DryCaddy UV device.

If you’re looking for refills for your DryCaddy Kit, purchase the DryCaddy Discs here.



  • Refill kit contains 6 DryCaddy Discs® – 6 month supply – to be used with jar in the DryCaddy UV.
  • Easy to use.
  • Powerful proprietary molecular sieve desiccant captures moisture and odor.
  • Great for travel.
  • No recharging or reactivating, no electricity


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