NanoClean Instrument Cleaners


NanoClean’s Fine Instrument Cleaners are designed to keep your hearing aid clean and free of dirt and grime. Featuring NanoClean Advanced Technology, each hearing aid cleaner features a rigid threader and a soft, spongy, nylon brush to safely sweep away debris and eliminate moisture. A unique “thread-and-pull” cleaning action gets the job done quickly and easily! Each package contains 20 pre-cut strands.



  • Simple | Gentle | Effective
  • Soft brush removes moisture and debris with unique thread-and-pull action.
  • Ideal for cleaning:
    – Standard and thin tube hearing aids
    – Tympanometer tubes
    – In-ear sound monitors
    – Police radio earpieces


Guide threader into the vent, tubing or other fine instrument canal. Pull brush through.

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